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Electric cars have taken the world by surprise due to the unexpected indelible mark it had made to mark its presence, also making it possible for people to look at it as the future of auto technology. Electric cars, though still in the process of transition much attention has not been really made to going off-road. You want to know how an electrified vehicle could perform off-road? Don’t look too far, as the 2019 Range Rover sport p400e plug-in hybrid tends to make your dreams come true, at least for some few miles.

The Jaguar Land Rover model, Range rover sport p400e, capable of channeling its power from its propulsion energy directly from the electrical grid, happens to be the first from the iconic company. We may say the p400e is a pacesetter for the future of electric powered off-road machines. The plug in-hybrid electrical vehicle (PHEV) delivers an exceptional refined experience and leading Range Rover sport capability both on road and off road. The PHEV takes the sport from 0-100kmh in just 6.7seconds and on a top speed of 220kmh.

The p400e’s 13.1kwh lithium-ion battery is tucked beneath the cargo floor, while the electric motor is housed inside the 8-speed automatic transmission, the Range Rover sport is powered through a changed part located behind the Land Rover badge in the grille.

Driving in the p400e are powered by 2 modes; unlike the most conventional hybrids, the parallel hybrid mode is the default setting in which the engine and battery provide as needed. P400e EV mode allows full electricity power travel up to 31 miles at speeds up to 85mph when starting with a fully charged battery pack. The desire to not only lower emissions and boost fuel efficiency sprung up the idea of electrification by Land Rover, but to also improve off road traction and stability.

Not detaching itself from other Range Rover sports model, the p400e still retains the resemblance it has with them. In this light, the muscular and perfectly proportioned Range Rover sport is designed to command attention wherever you take it. The 5.0litre V-8 supercharged engine, delivers a sportier design cues, with the scintillating front dons squinter, multi LED headlamps, a new grille treatment, and a more pronounced chin, while the rear features, a new tail lamps, a chunkier rear bumps and trapezoidal exhaust outlets.

How good is a viciously looking exterior without a mouthwatering interior? Not up to a year when Land rover switched to a 10.0 inch in control touch pro infotainment system, this time Land Rover has upped their game to a new dual screen Touch pro Duo setup. Retaining other similar features from the Velar, like the sports new steering wheel with capacitive touch controls.

The Touch pro Duo together with the full color head-up display and interactive Driver display to simultaneously view and interact with multiple features at once. Other new features includes
slimmer front seats backs, larger storage cubbies, a cabin air ionization system, revised ambient lighting with 10-color choices, a sunshade with gesture control that automatically closes when the vehicle is unoccupied. An amazing new feature is the wearable activity key that can be worn on one’s wrist in lieu of carrying the key fob or a bulky set of keys with you on outdoor adventures.

The Range Rover Sport p400e is out to pave the way for future electric off-road automobiles.
With the giant step the Land Rover has taken this won’t be the last of the best we are going to
witness, rather the birth of the bests. The vehicle costs $67,745.

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