5 Cars More Expensive Than A Jet

5 Cars More Expensive Than A Jet

2nd December 2018 / 0 Comments / 467 / Blog
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From its etymology, cars were made as means of transportation, with the first steampowered
automobile capable of human transport produced in 1769 by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot.
Over time, car making has evolved from the first combustion engine fueled by hydrogen made
in 1808 to the 1870 first gasoline powered combustion engine to 1903 when Ford produced
thousands of affordable cars for sale.

In recent times, cars have moved from being just a means of transportation to being a
symbol of status and power used by the very wealthy and influential .From the stupendously-rich
monarch in the Middle-East, to wealthy business moguls in Europe and America, cars have
become another means of showing off wealth.

Big names like Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Rolls Royce often come at very high
prices and are only meant for rich collectors as many of them are often sold out before they reach
the public. While most of the cars listed here are wildly out of the reach for most, it is a sheer
pleasure just to look at them. Some of these cars are more expensive than the most affordable Jet:
the Cirrus Vision 5-seater jet which goes for $1.96 million.

In fact, the most expensive car in the world which goes for $13million, can buy 6 Cirrus
Vision Jets. However, most of them are not available in the open market as there are only very
limited quantity or they are manufactured on request. In fact there is only one of the most
expensive cars in the world and it would not be replicated.

Below is the list of 5 most expensive cars in the world;

5. Lykan Hypersport – $3.4 million
The headlights are made of urm, 240 15-carat diamonds and the LED blades made of 420
15-carat diamonds. And all the gems are customizable. It looks like an armored car with scissor
doors and an interior straight out of a sci-fi movie, this car featured in the ‘Furious 7’, and has
actually been drafted by the Abu Dhabi police for patrol duty.

Built by W Motors, based in Lebanon, this is the first Arab supercar. And it doesn’t fare badly when compared with the traditional European biggies. It can produce 780 horsepower through the rear wheels, and a 708 pound-feet of torque. It can get to a speed of 240 miles per hour reaching 62mph in just 2.8 seconds.

4. McLaren P1 LM – $3.6 million
This is not a production car. It was made keeping in mind a select group of buyers in the U. S.,
Japan, U. K., and the UAE. It has a 3.8 liter twin-turbo V-8 engine surrounded with gold plating
around the engine bay. The awesomeness of the aerodynamics can be witnessed where it is made
for- on track, where it can produce 1000 horsepower. As of yet, only five units have been built,
all of them being sold.

3. Lamborghini Veneno Roadster – $4.5 million
Veneno means Poison. This car was built to celebrate the company’s 50th birthday. It has the
look of an alien space capsule; this car can reach speeds that can give one of those a run for their
money, literally. The 6.5 liter V12 with a seven-speed single clutch ISR automated manual
transmission can spin at 8,400 rpm to yield 740 horsepowers and 507 pound-feet of torque,
meaning that the car can do a 60 mph at 2.9 seconds!

Made of carbon-fiber, it had a dry weight of 3,285 pounds. Only 9 units have been made
making the cars resell rate very high with the highest recorded resell being $11 million. It was
the most expensive car in the world ever produced upon its introduction, and only three being
available to customers in the first lot.

2. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita – $4.8 million
This is the most expensive production car allowed on the streets. Street-legal production car in
the world, this is coated with real diamonds. Yes, you read that right. ‘Trevita’ is an abbreviation
translating into ‘three whites’. The carbon fibres are indeed coated with a diamond dustimpregnated
resin, called the Koenigsegg Proprietary Diamond Weave. This technology
transformed the fibres from the traditional black to shining, silvery white, making the bodywork
of this car renowned throughout for its unique design and perfection. And that’s not all. Beneath
the coating is a 4.8 litre, dual-supercharged V8 having a total output of 1,004 horsepower and
797 pound-feet of torque. This makes it well-equipped at overtaking semis in the freeway. This
car comes with a one-of-its-kind dual carbon rear wing, iconell exhaust system, airbags, ABS
powered carbon ceramic brakes, paddle-shift, infotainment system, chronometer instrument
cluster, tires monitoring systems along with a hydraulic system. Only three cars of this model
had been initially decided upon, before getting reduced to two, because the carbon fibre made it
too difficult and time-consuming for regular manufacture.

1. Sweptail by Rolls Royce – $13 million
Before you gasp at the price, do note that this car is off the markets. That’s because it was made
on the recommendations of one specific customer whose name the company has refused to
divulge. A company famous for its luxurious rollouts, there were only 4,000 Rolls Royce cars
manufactured in 2016! This particular exclusive car comes with its custom coach work,
reminiscent of the royal carriages of yore.

Probably modeled on the Wraith, this car can seat only two people (see what they mean by
being exclusive?). The sunroof is fully panoramic, tapering down sharply like those of the racing
yachts, as per the orders of the customer. Something very cool about the interior handcrafted
with wood and leather are the hidden attaché cases for holding laptops behind each door. Not
much else is available on this most expensive car in the world, except that it is based on the
1920s and 30s models, and looks like a yacht from the back. The owner does happen to be a
collector of super-yachts and private planes.

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