5 Fastest Cars In The World

5 Fastest Cars In The World

14th December 2018 / 0 Comments / 392 / Blog
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Right from the inception of automobiles, the main aim has been to create a machine that can go faster than a horse, and this quest has really succeeded in creating amazing speed machines that can almost compete with time. As fast is becoming the new slow nowadays, we find everything around us going super fast starting from the internet to even human development. Cars are not an exception of this development as the cars we have now are concerned with providing utmost speed and comfort at the same time. And talking of super speed we mean supercars or hypercars as the case maybe, built exclusively in the name of velocity and exquisite framework.

Below are the list of the top 5 fastest cars in the world in 2018:

5) The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport: 268mph

Bugatti which has been known for their relentless effort in providing cars that are expensive and super fast at the same time, did not disappoint in their hustle. The Bugatti Veyron is a product of the Volkswagen owned company to produce the world’s fastest production car, which they acheived all thanks to the quad turbo charged W16 engine which delivers 100hp. The $1.7 million supercar was later dethroned by the SSC Ultimate Aero, which prompted the birth of the Veyron supersport which has acquired 20 more horses to it’s power. With the help of carbom fibre and other aerodynamic changes, it was able to peak at 268mph attracting the Guinness world record to recognize it as the second fastest production car.

4) Bugatti Chiron; 261mph

Though Bugatti which has a reputation of delivering better cars than their predecessor actualy disapointed with the Chiron, as the Veyron super sport is limited to 268mph but the Chiron gives 261mph tops. The W16150hp supercar still does not loose its credibility on track, as this beast has held the world record of being the fastest car in the world in 2017, as it delivered a lap time of 0-40-0km in just 42 seconds, though later overthrown by the Koenisegg Agera RS, but still it holds its prestige as this baby worths $2.6 million.

3) Hennessey Venom GT: 270mph

The Venom goes 270mph with the assistance of a 7.0 litre twin turbo charged V-8engine, which produces 1,24 torque and 1,15 lb per ft. With its incredible performance it failed to get the recognition of the Guinness world record due to some irregularities even as it jolts to 62mph in just 2.8 seconds and takes 14.51 seconds to accelerate from 0to20mph. Though it irregularities must have cost it a spot at the Guinness world record but it has gained a spot at our top 5.

2) Koenisegg Agera Rs: 278mph

This car is the true king of speed ,since its introduction in October 1st 2017, the RS has came to  take its right spot from whoever was occupying it (we mean Chiron).With an astonishing performance of 0-40-0k min 36.4 seconds, at the air field in Vandel Denmark. The 1.160hp Swedish supercar beat the Chiron’s record of 42 seconds at 284.5mph.

1) Hennessey Venom F5: 301mph

The carbon fibre fortified F5, houses a 7.4 litre twin turbo v8 packing 1,60hp, powers the Venom to spit at top speeds of 301 mph which goes 0-249-0 mph in less than 30seconds. The high performance sports car manufactured by Texas based auto company, was unveiled at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 1, 2017 is set to erase all memories about fast cars with its new delivery of 301mph, though not yet confirmed by the Guinness world record, but it is confirmed on our number 1 spot for 2018.

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