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15 years after continental GT released it’s last model, Bentley finally gave it a face lift. The 2019 Bentley Continental GT Convertible, is a higher performance version of the British tourer. Bentley, still in the race to uphold the glory of the Continental GT which has been on sale since 2003 with over 7,000 units sold, continues the reigns with the exceptional 2019 model.

After 3 generations, Bentley is understandably keen on bringing the Continental design up to date. This new car which has stepped into the limelight with as lightly sportier appearance, even though it does not look significantly different from the original model, the GT comes out longer, sleeker and better looking than ever. It also ends up being way stronger than we expected. And to crown it all, Bentley introduced a convertible version of this legendary bloodline, allowing you to cruise along with the wind when you behind the wheels.

The GT which features a 6.0 litre twin turbo W12 engine, which powers a 626hp at 64 lb per ft of torque, enables the piece of art to go 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds at a top speed of 207mph. Conforming to the luxurious properties a Bentley has to offer, great speed can also be attained just at the tip of your fingers.

The GT Continental features a clean, super formed lines and a wide, low body, with a  sportier view. The mid-sized convertible appears longer and lower than it’s predecessors size. What really distinguishes the 2019 GT’s exterior from the standard GT is the blacked out trim that replaced all other chrome elements in the front and rear. Also the grille had refined both the frame and mesh black. With a bigger but identical bumper, the 2019 model appears more agile.

The dual clutch transmission automatic 8 speed gear shift, presents a gorgeous interior. With the concomitance of wood, metal and leather, Bentley delivers an astonishing craftsmanship. The company which has been known for their breathtaking interiors did not let their fans down in this 2019 model. Also a very noticeable and impressive interior feature is the new infotainment display called the Bentley rotating display. This 12.3 inch touch screen housed in a 3 sided unit that revolves in the center stack. It comes into display when the engine starts and a button is pressed, a veneer glides forward and rotates to reveal the configurable screen, displaying set of three dials including a compass or plain section that matches the rest of the dashboard. This feature is first of its kind in this industry. Also the steering wheels has been remodeled to feature a small button on both spokes.

The 2019 Continental GT is graced with a 20-way adjustable seats with heating, cooling and massage function, Apple car play, realtime traffic, and private Call for emergency service. For music lovers, Bentley upped their game with an optional Bang and Olufsen system with1,500 watts, 16 speakers and illuminated speaker grilles.

The 2019 Continental GT convertible, places itself amongst the fastest drop tops in the world with its remarkable upgraded powertrain and being one of the most advanced Bentley ever made. Though pretty much similar to its predecessors, still it managed to stand out with its distinct features which includes the foldable soft top that opens in just 19 seconds and other path paving features, still keeping in mind luxurious and exquisite conventions. A brand new 2019 Continental GT Bentley is estimated around $240,000.

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