Bugatti Divo

Bugatti Divo

20th November 2018 / 0 Comments / 615 / Blog
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When you hear the name Bugatti, what cuts through your mind is the giddiness
of speed, display of elegance in its design all encumbered in luxury. And over 100
years Bugatti has lived up to this conventionality.

The Bugatti Divo does not fall short of this thought as it further deepens it. The
Bugatti Divo is an extension of the blood line of the Almighty Chiron, as it’s been
recognized and actually lived up to its tittle of being the fastest car ever before it
was overthrown by the Koenisegg Agera.

The masterpiece which was named after Albert Divo who raced for Bugatti in
the 1920’s, did not set out to utterly replace its predecessor, Chiron ,but to make its
it’s indelible mark on the track. The Divo is designed to combine a heart stopping
acceleration and greater downforce. All thanks to its handling performance and
balance when cutting through curves, turning the hardship of cutting through
corners into an exhilarating moment, having the act of cutting through corners
without being caught as its watchword.

The Beast which was unleashed at its debut appearance on the 24th of August
2018 at ‘The Quail’ in Monterey, California, boasts of a top speed of 236mph.
Though, not up to the 261mph the Chiron has to offer, it has an incredible blaze of
0-60mph in 2.4 seconds, owing to the extra drag produced by the aerodynamic
element and due to the excessive pressure on the tyres resulting to a lower ride
height………WOW!!! Isn’t that insane?

The W16 8.0 liter powertrain which it inherited from its predecessor enables
it to outrun the Chiron with 4 seconds around the corners. Incredible you may say,
it was made possible because the Divo is 35kg lesser than the Chiron, providing
the presence of lot and lot of carbon fiber.

The Exterior:
The 1500 horsepower powered machine’s exterior has a fiercer and monstrous
appearance than the gentle looking Chiron; revealing the darker side of the angelic
Chiron. The car includes a redesigned exhaust system featuring quad exhaust
pipes, a 1.8 meters wide fixed rear wing wider than the retractable wing on the
Central fin and ultimately on the rear wing for improved downforce, front enlarged
splitter, vented bonnets to improve the radiator cooling and vents on the front
wheel arches to cool the brakes. The introduction of the new C-shaped much
longer head lights is a GOAL for the Bugatti.

The Interior:
This is where the disappointment sets in, Bugatti for the past years had not really
put much focus on deviating from its conventional interior design, and the Divo
does not prove otherwise. As it maintains the similar look with its predecessor
which made it quite obvious that they share the same DNA. But the introduction of
Alcantara and carbon fiber trim to save weight should be applauded.
Already thinking of getting this masterpiece? I guess it’s too late for that, as
the only 40 units to be ever produced are lucky to have found their new homes at
the hands of 40 out of the 500 lucky owners of the Chiron. In other words, the
beautiful work of art which sold out on its first outing in California, can only be
owned by an already owner of its predecessor. And the Divo goes for a whooping
sum of $5.8 million dollars.

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