Ferrari 488 Pista

Ferrari 488 Pista

2nd December 2018 / 0 Comments / 456 / Blog
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The Ferrari 488 Pista been a modified version of the Ferrari 458, is a mid engined sports car
designed for your track and off track pleasure. The word ‘Pista’ meaning ‘track’ in Italian
specifically signifies the unparalled heritage the Ferrari has in motorsports. This very admirable
car is a masterpiece from the Italian company, a masterpiece because the 488 hosts the most
powerful V8 mid-engine in the Meranello Marque history and is the company’s special series
sports car with the highest level yet of technological transfer from racing.

The 488 Pista deploys the very latest in sports car technology, it’s probably making
calculations for nanoseconds than a spacecraft, which is an applaudable effort from Ferrari, but
with all the systems switched off, the resulting driving experience sits around the mid-sixties.
The Pista copes with the still retained 3.9litre V8 which by now makes 710bhp at the same
8000rpm with a 568lbft at 3000rpm. But only in 7th gear, torque is limited in lower gears to make
what, since its launch has been the best sporty turbocharged, more naturally aspirated. Though
the engine is lifted from the 488 challenge race car, and is substantially different from the 488
preceding GTB’s twin turbo V8.

The weight has been reduced by 90kg through the introduction of lightweight
components and an almost barren interior- carbon fibre wheels were introduced. Though not
introduced to its bonnet, bumpers, intake plenums and rear spoilers. The inclusion of an Inconel
exhausts, a lighter flywheel, a lithium battery and titanium conrods, lightweights the ‘track’.
Also the pista’s weight, power and aero, plus a newly developed Michelin pilot sport cup 2 tyres
meaning that it is lighter, faster, and more aggressive than the 488 GTB. Talking of speed, the
Pista is 2seconds faster than the 458 which peaks it’s racing time to 0-62mph in 2.85sec and
7.6secs to 124mph.

The 7 speed automatic mid engined Ferrari does not boast of a much presentable
interior, as the cabin design is still as old as the 458. With the kind of reputation it holds, it is
supposed to boast of a more redefined interior. The materials and textures used also add a great
deal of messy outputs. There is definitely a race car –like feel to the cockpit, as the most
noticeable parts of the car includes the full blown Alcantara bucket seats and copious carbon
fibre panels. Coated with aluminum plates with a light covering, adorns the pista’s floor. While
the glovebox has been deleted for reduce volume below. It features a thinner windscreen glass
just to lower its weight.

The Ferrari 488 Pista, which was unveiled at the Geneva motor show, is the successor of
impact making projects from the Italian company. The 488 Pista came to mark a significant step
forward from the previous series in terms of both sporty dynamics and for the level of
technological carryover from racing. The Pista is priced from $645,000 plus on-road costs and
any option buyers might choose from an exclusive list.

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