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SUV’s are now the latest drive for luxurious spenders and pleasure seekers. The Mercedes company has adhered to this new taste, which brought about the 2018 Mercedes AMG GLC 63 S coupé. The competition amongst automakers has driven them to conform to the tastes of their customers as the demand for SUV’s have risen drastically in the last two years, the sedan auto makers such as Rolls Royce has conformed to this new trend.

The AMG infused Mercedes Benz GLC 63 S Coupé, is a mid sized SUV which tries to fit into the style of an AMG sedan, but once an SUV, is forever an SUV. The coupé which has a muscular and commanding appearance, is incorporated with a uniquely styled front bumper closely resembling that of the recently introduced E63. Further introduction to the SUV coupé, includes wider black plastic, flares within the wheel arches, wider sils underneath the door and a new bumper housing an integrated difuser element and trapezoidal charmed exhaust pipes, also in addition to the quad sports exhaust, there is also an optional carbon fibre spoiler.

A glance at the side profile makes the SUV a unique concept with the melding of the high belt line of an SUV with the fast back roof line of a coupé. Taking a look at this baby from the rear we get the GLC coupe version of a hatch back with some extra ground clearance.

The 63 S coupe is powered by a hand crafted 4.0 litre twin turbo V8 kicking out 503hp and 516lb-ft of torque which powers the coupé to go 0-60 mph under 3.0 seconds. The AMG powered 9 MCT (multi clutch transmission) speed sport transmission, in conjunction with three diferent drive modes; comfort, sport, and sport+, gives you a full control over your pleasure on the go. This SUV provides some safety implants such as the collision prevention as is plus, you get the feeling of the safest person on the road.

Taking a peak at the eye catching interior, it sends shivers down to your spine at the thought of just beholding this beauty. The interior which is coated with real Nappa leather that makes it expensive to look at, provides utmost comfort when cruising. The C-class inspired interior has a digital display flanked by a pair of concise analogue gauges. The center stack is equipped with a high definition 8.4 inch display running an older version of the Mercedes corporate command infotainment system. Complementing the splendid hi-tech display feature is the Burmeister suround sound system which delivers a pleasant listening experience.

The 2018 AMG Mercedes 63 S Coupe, is a roaring lion which temperament cannot be overlooked with the powerful embedded components and luxurious feelings it provides behind the wheel. And the brand new SUV costs $80,750.

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