Rolls Royce Dawn

Rolls Royce Dawn

6th January 2019 / 0 Comments / 431 / Blog
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This 2 door coupe luxury convertible is another Ghost derived Rolls Royce car. Or if you really want to be specific an F01 BMW 7-series derived car. Without a doubt, it’s the most opulent production convertible money can buy at the moment.

The 4 passenger luxury convertible, which was first introduced in 2015, has really proved that it has come to stay and nothing can take away its awesomeness, as it marks the beginning of lavish freedom, deeper thrills, and greater escapes. The new Dawn which features Rolls Royce’s smooth lines, wide fenders fitted over a standard 20-inch wheels, and distinctive breed front and rear ends. Although it has the same wheelbase as the Wraith, the 2019 Rolls Royce Dawn is slightly longer than it. The two shares a lot of structural elements but the British says the Dawn boasts no less than 80 percent of its own body panels. Compared to the discontinued Phantom coupe, the 2 door coupe is also a foot shorter but still more spacious. At the same time, it’s more nimble and more at home in traffic.

The super luxury drop head vehicle invites you to embrace the moment in the legacy style that can only be manifested through a Rolls Royce’s magic carpet ride. Soaring from 0-60mph in just 4.9seconds with a top speed of 155mph shares the same powertrain as the Ghost and Wraith with a 6.6liter twin turbo V12 engine. A remarkable feature in the Dawn, is its ability to offer total freedom to those who seek both sophistication and freedom, and those who will compromise style and have higher expectation of function as the Rolls engineers worked tirelessly to create the most silent roof mechanism in the world which will open or close under 22seconds, in other words you are 22seconds away from freedom.

The 8-speed automatic transmission which powers 563 horses at a 575 pound ft of torque, boasts of an ultra-modern interior, as the front occupants of the Rolls Royce Dawn gets high-bolstered bucket seats with massage capabilities, while the wide, contoured rear bench provides seating for two. Further interior options includes different colors of leather, contrast stitching and piping, Rolls Royce logo or custom logo hand stitched embroidery on the headrest, and hand finished wood grain veneer.

Fortified with a 10.3inch LED display infotainment system controlled by a touchpad which includes navigation. More so, an optional Bespoke audio system which provides 18 speakers. Unfortunately, features such as built-in WI FI, android auto and Apple CarPlay are not supported.

The Rolls Royce Dawn, with its emphasis on power and elegance and exclusivity of bespoke construction, is little more than a daydream for most car buyers. And of course with you smiling to the warehouse with at least $340,000 in your pocket.

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