Mercedes Benz GT63S AMG

Mercedes Benz GT63S AMG

23rd November 2018 / 9 Comments / 483 / Blog
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The arrival of the Mercedes AMG GT R which caught Mercedes fans unaware
due to the fact that thus car is the roadster version of an F1 racing car. The 2 door
coupe since its arrival in 2017, had made several heads turn because of its
remarkable performance on the race track, but issues surrounding the creative
craft work is that, it only enables one person to enjoy its staggering muscle and
handling brilliance with.

Mercedes has been known for placing their customers priorities above their
economic gain, and this priorities witnessed the birth of the AMG GT 63S, a 4
door coupe which allows you to bring 3 people to ride along and enjoy the
amazing craftsmanship of the AMG. The 2019 AMG is not a modified version of
the existing Benz, but an entirely AMG-bred machine, with an all-wheel drive
performance biased rival to the Porsche Panamera. The Mercedes AMG GT63 S
is the perfect ride for the family, also an incredible machine where performance
meets design. The beauty provides for its beholder more space, more power, and
more goose pimples. As the 4 door coupe model delivers driving experiences in
new dimensions and extends the AMG model family.

The new coupe is the first 4 door sports car of the Alffalterbach and draws
directly on the legendary SLS and AMG GT models of success. The V8 biturbo
equipped powertrain, enables the 4 door coupe to move at an amazing speed of 0-
6mph in just 3.1seconds and a top speed electronically limited to 195mph. While
modeling the race car into fitting the standard of a family mobility train, they
never subdued the need to equip the model with a race car ability, this was
achieved through the inclusion of interesting drive modes, which includes; the
supersport, sport+, sport, slippery, comfort and classic modes, to fit in perfectly
well to the standard of any race car built for the track. Not forgetting the needs of
the petrol heads and drag racers, the awesome AMG crew included the drift mode
feature, which deactivates the transfer case when the car is in race mode, allowing
the 63 S to operate entirely in rear wheel drive. Within various modes is a new
AMG dynamic feature that uses on-board sensors to monitor such inputs as speed,
lateral G force and steering angle, constantly adjusts the stability control, allwheel
drive, rear axle steering and the limited slip.

While nowhere near as dramatic as its longheaded 2 door GT R cousin, the 4
door coupe is a clean, flowing shaped machine. An optional cosmetic package
includes night (with high gloss trims), chrome and carbon fiber. With the exterior
highly on check to portray the true AMG, the GT 63 S 4MATIC 4door coupe,
fully represents the design philosophy of AMG: sensual purity, striking
proportions and a voluminous body.

The 639hp powered coupe© enables it to earn a record lap of 7:25:41 at the
legendary Nurburgring Nordschliefe, making it the fastest 4 seater production car
on the Nurburgring. Thanks to the amazing 9-speed AMG powered speedshift
transmission, lateness is a thing of the past.
The interior brags of a divine trio combination of luxury, comfort and speed,
as the cockpit which consists of a central media display with a 12.3inch color
display, relevant information are at your fingertips. Without removing either
hands from the steering wheel, the driver can control everything from the
infotainment system to the preferred driving mode and also the vehicles
adjustments, giving the driver limitless control over the pleasure the car has to

The Mercedes AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC + 4 door coupe stands for a transfer
of an outstanding driving dynamics of the 2 door GT coupe, as it delivers new
dimensions of driving results. To get to be a beholder of this beauty, you have to
be smiling to the bank with $150,000.

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